How can I stay safe? Where can I get help?

During the school day:

All our staff, including support staff, receive safeguarding training. If you are concerned about your safety at any time during the school day (8am-4.30pm) you can speak to any member of staff.

The staff in our safeguarding lead team have enhanced levels of training, and you can also speak to them:



Mrs J. Bell

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr S. Bowman

Key Stage 4

Miss H. Davies


Mr M. Simpson

Key Stage 3

Mr J. Wilbraham

Head of Sixth Form

Mrs L. Wood

Student Support Manager

When school is closed:

Whilst school isn't always open, our commitment to keep you safe at all times is very important. If you need help outside of school hours it is important that you know who you can contact.  The most important thing is to keep yourself safe. If you are concerned about your personal safety and feel you are at risk of being hurt,  please contact the police dialling 999.

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children also offers some very helpful advice. To stay safe they say that you should: 

  • Protect yourself, in reality, or online. 
  • Think through the pros and cons of your behaviour.
  • Know where to find help, information is empowering. Think critically about what you see and hear.
  • Don’t give in to pressure to behave in a way you are unsure about. Share ways of responding and coping.
  • Respect the law, it is there to protect you and others.

If you are unsure of any of the above points, please speak to a teacher in school when you return to school. You could also get help, support and advice by calling the following numbers:  

  • If you have a safeguarding concern, please telephone First Contact Durham on 03000 267 979.   
  • If you are a student seeking urgent support, you can contact Childline on 08000 1111 /
  •  Students and parents can also seek the services of the CAHMS (Children and Adults Mental Health Services) Crisis Team on 0800 0516 171.