Learning at Durham Johnston Comprehensive School

At Durham Johnston Comprehensive School, we aim to provide a strong and robust education so that our students enter the world fully equipped with the skills and knowledge to fully embrace life in the twenty first century. This section of our website provides an overview and key information about this fundamental aspect of life at DJCS.

Our curriculum statement maps out the breadth of our curriculum as well as guiding you to where you might find out more about the qualifications we offer within that. You can also find detailed information about our curriculum and what students in different years can expect to be learning at any point as well as suggestions of how parents and carers can support them, and an introduction to each of our subject areas.

All learning at our school is underpinned by our ethos and core values as we aim to offer academic excellence, help young people as they acquire knowledge needed to be successful, explain what social justice is and why it’s so important, allow everyone to demonstrate their commitment to public service and to learn how to fully embrace the diverse opportunities available to all.

To find out more about what each year group is currently learning, please the links to the left; if viewing on a mobile phone, you can access each page using the links below. (Each will open in a new page.)

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