School Uniform

Uniform is also very important to the standards that we set and we expect every single one of our young people to be correctly dressed at all times whilst at school.  It is really important to us as we are a genuinely comprehensive school. Uniform helps children from very different backgrounds to mix effectively together and to have a sense of a shared culture and ethos.  Our uniform is also is practical, and reasonably cheap. 

Parents should note pupils are not allowed to wear ANY jewellery, nor do we allow recently-pierced ears to be covered by plasters.  No young person below sixth form age may wear earrings or jewellery of any sort. Earrings and any other visible piercings must be taken out. The wearing of false nails or eyelashes is not permitted.  It is important to share this with all parents or carers now, as we will not make exceptions in September.

Please will you make sure that all uniform and PE kit is labelled with your child’s name.  It is the very nature of uniform that it all looks the same, so it really does need to be namedEach year a significant amount of expensive clothing is left at school. Our rules are fair and we would ask you to fully support them. If the school and parents work closely together and support each other, then issues of behaviour and uniform are often addressed very quickly.

You can view our Uniform Guidance below, and our full Uniform Policy is at this link.

Uniform - Years 7 to 11

Uniform - Sixth Form