The House System at Durham Johnston

Durham Johnston's House System is a competitive and enriching programme that provides pupils with the opportunity to be involved in extracurricular and charity based activities. The House System is expertly supported by our team of Sixth Form House Leads, as well as house representatives from each form (Years 7 to 13).

We work with students within school, external agencies and the local community.  Every event, activity or fund-raiser supports our vision of “giving back”, both within our school community and beyond.  We are successful when we work together, when we support and embed a culture that goes beyond our academic success.

We maintain three distinct strands, which the House Leads actively support, aiming to facilitate enrichment activities in each strand.

Academic enrichment: We have links with and invite into school guest speakers from universities and the world of work, as well as the attendance/creation of various committees and societies within school.

Community service: We run fundraising events and activities, as well as visiting local charities and charitable organisations. We work with our feeder primary schools and support projects in the local area through volunteering.

Competition and sport:  We organise competitive fundraising efforts and sporting activities within school, and support healthy lifestyle choices.

Pupils participating in house activities earn points for their House which are totalled at the end of each term and at the end of each year. Students are awarded House Points for a variety of activities – ranging from academic success, to personal achievements, sport, music, supporting others and acts of kindness. These are awarded by staff during lessons as well as being available for specific activities through the year. We want to celebrate our young people and the House System helps us achieve this.

The House that has accrued the most points wins a reward at the end of the academic year.  Students in the winning house are invited to the event, along with House Leads and house representatives.  The winning house will have their name etched on the Bittlestone Cup, our House Competition Trophy, named in honour of a late colleague at the school who was instrumental in establishing the system.

When we launched our house system, our students chose to name the houses after four local servicemen who were awarded the Victoria Cross whilst serving in the DLI (Durham Light Infantry) during the First and Second World Wars: AnnandKennyHeaviside and Wakenshaw.