Careers Education, Information and Guidance (CEIAG)

A young person’s career is their pathway through learning and work. In a complex and changing world, all young people need access to good quality, comprehensive and impartial, information, advice and guidance. Good information, advice and guidance will help them make the right learning and career choices so that they can succeed in work, and support them to find answers to the questions and issues that can arise in their personal lives.

There has never been a time when careers guidance has been as important for young people as it is today. We have a critical role to play in preparing students for the next stage of their education or training and beyond. Our students will be embarking upon a career pathway, which is more challenging and complex than that faced by previous generations. Global opportunities and increasing technological advances will result in young people having several careers during their working life and potentially working in a career that does not currently exist.

With the greater choices of education, training and employment, our aim is to prepare students for these ever-changing opportunities, responsibilities and experiences and to equip them with the skills to manage the choices, changes and transitions ahead of them.

All young people need a planned, progressive and structured programme of activities to help them make decisions and plan their careers, both in school and after they leave. The 2011 Education Act places a duty on schools to give students impartial access to careers education, information, advice and guidance.

The Careers Team

At Durham Johnston, we have a whole school approach to careers with all staff supporting the delivery of careers within curriculum areas and through the pastoral system.

We have a designated careers team who co-ordinate and monitor the delivery of careers, and designated admin support.

Ms C Robson (Assistant Headteacher – PD) 

Mr P Kennedy (Careers Leader)

Mr Nick Black (Governor for Careers) 

Mrs L Hardwick (PSCHE Co-ordinator) 

You can contact any of the above by emailing marked for the attention of the individual concerned.

Destination Data

2022 Leavers Activity Survey (total cohort number 264)


The Activity Survey is produced annually and shows the destination of students in the October after they left Durham Johnston. For the 2022 cohort, the destinations were as follows:


97% participation rate

93% full time education

2% full time employment with training

1.1% full time employment without training

2.3% NEET

0.8% destination not known

Activity Survey 2022


2021 Leavers Activity Survey (total cohort number 266)

97% participation rate

95% full time education

2% full time employment with training

0.5% full time employment without training


0.5% destination not known

County and School Comparison (IYSS) 2021; Activity Survey 2021

Choices at 16