Joining Years 7-11 Mid-Year.

Durham Johnston Comprehensive School is over-subscribed, and Durham County Council controls our waiting lists.

Please note that the school has no control or influence over the allocation of places to students in Years 7-11.

For information regarding admissions, please visit Durham County Council's School Places and Admissions Website.

If you have been offered and accepted a place as a result of an appeal, or because a place has become available, and will be joining us mid-year, we recommend that you spend some time exploring the 'Pastoral Care' menu here on our website, which contains lots of information about day-to day life at Durham Johnston, and the 'Learning' menu, which covers information about our subjects and curriculum.

Parents and Carers should also read the information about the SIMS Parent App, Parent Pay, and the General Information document, all of which can be found at this link.