Sixth Form

‘If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend four sharpening my axe.’ 

                     Abraham Lincoln

This highlights the importance of choosing your GCSE options carefully.  Giving consideration to what you might want to study after GCSEs will help inform your choices now.  Research is essential to make the best decisions for you. While you are studying your GCSE courses, we will start working with you to help you make informed future choices, and for many of you that will be staying with us to study GCE A levels at Durham Johnston Sixth Form. Mr Wilbraham and I look forward to working with you. 

Students at DJSF don’t just study hard to achieve their academic potential; they immerse themselves in a range of student-led societies, our House system and Sixth Form Committee (which is the main forum for student voice). These extra and super-curricular activities help you meet new people with similar interests, develop transferrable skills that will advantage you in further study and employment – and of course – have a range of great experiences during your time with us. Our current Year 13 students have compiled their advice covering: 

Thriving at Durham Johnston Sixth Form (academically)

Thriving at Durham Johnston Sixth Form (generally) 

The best thing about studying… (all our A level subjects) 


Mrs Lennon (Head of Sixth Form) & Mr Wilbraham (Deputy Head of Sixth Form) 

Advice from Year 13 Students


Courses available 

This  booklet  tells  you  everything  you  need  to  know  about the  courses  available in the  Sixth Form  at  Durham  Johnston.  It should be  read  in  conjunction  with  our  Sixth  Form Prospectus. 

As  well as A Level courses we also offer the following to develop your skills and improve your employability: 

The Extended Project Qualification (AQA) 

 Financial Awareness (LIBF) 

A Level Courses