Choosing your Options


Please make sure you have read through all the information available, sought guidance and asked any questions you have before completing the options form.

Remember, you will have to study these courses for two years and will not be able to change your mind part way through Year 10! It is really important that you make the best choices for you.

Your Form Tutor will have issued your Option Form on Friday 21st January. If you have lost your form or were absent, please see either your Form Tutor, Mrs Banner or Mr Noble for a replacement. A blank form is also provided below.

If you are using a blank Option Form please check your pathway carefully from your report or ask your form tutor.

Blank Options Form



This is a very important time in your child's education and they will benefit from your support in making these decisions. Please go through the materials on the website with your child to help them make the best choices for their interests, strengths and future aspirations.

The school is here to support students through this process and if you or your child have any questions, would like any additional information or support please contact us by email at