On this part of the website you’ll find key messages from our Year Leaders.
During the period of school closure in the summer term 2020 there will be a message here for each year group, from Year 7 to Year 11 every week, with Form Tutors also sending messages to you via your Head of Year. 6th Form students should continue to check their emails for messages from Mrs Lennon, Mr Wilbraham and the 6th Form tutor team.

As well as looking at the Home Learning Resources every school day to stay on top of your studies, make sure you look here and at the House System page so you can continue to develop not just academically but in others ways too, and think about some of the questions your Year Leaders will be asking.

Year 7 Pastoral Documents

Year 8 Pastoral Documents

Year 9 Pastoral Documents

Year 10 Pastoral Documents

Year 11 Pastoral Documents