We want you to work hard, do well and enjoy school. Your parents and all of the staff also want this for you. As young adults you too need to take responsibility for your learning and your future. Some useful information for you is on this, our community website, but your organiser is the place where all of the information you need is stored. The links to the left of this article are helpful. Remember that it is your tutor who is the person to go to if you need advice and support and they will help you, or find answers to any questions you might have throughout your time with us.

Keep working hard, enjoying school and participating in the life of this community!

What Should I Do If ....?

There is a lot to remember about how the school works. People often have the following questions:

Question Who and Where
I am absent from school?

Your parent or carer should telephone the school before 8.30 of the first morning with the reason for your absence and how long you are likely to be absent.

The day you return to school you should have an absence note signed in your organiser.

I arrive at school late? If you arrive after registration you should report to Reception, record the reason in the Late Book and then go straight to your lesson.
I have a dental/medical/ other appointment? Bring a note from your parent or carer for your tutor to sign. You should then take the signed note to Reception where staff will issue you with an Authorised Absence pass. If you return the same day, please hand in the pass to the Reception when you sign back in.
I am being bullied? Speak to your form tutor or Year Leader. School also has a Peer Support Group who have experience and may also be able to help.
I have forgotten to bring something to school? Explain to your tutor or subject teacher at registration or the beginning of the lesson.
I have forgotten my locker key? Contact a member of staff at Reception. If you do not find your key you will have to buy a new one.
I have forgotten to bring money for lunch? You should contact a member of staff in Reception during morning break or at the beginning of lunch.
I have had an accident and need First Aid treatment? Accidents can happen so you must take great care at all times. If you are involved in an accident, tell a member of staff immediately. A trained First Aider will attend to you and decide what needs to be done.
I don’t feel well? Tell your teacher. If you are not able to continue with your lessons your parent or carer will be asked to come to school and collect you.
I need to take prescribed medication? Pick up a form from the school office and take it home for your parent or carer to complete. Return the completed form together with the prescribed medication in the original container to a member of staff on Reception.
I would like an appointment with the School Nurse? The School Nurse holds a Drop-In session once per week. Details of the sessions will be posted on the noticeboard outside Year Leaders' offices.
I have lost something? Contact a member of staff at Reception during lunch or break, but not during lesson time. Unclaimed items are displayed in the foyer during morning break each Thursday. Please note that you should not bring money or valuables into school unless you need them for lessons. The school cannot accept responsibility for their loss.
I have had something confiscated? Clearly, this is not something that should happen. However, should this occur, the teacher concerned will tell you a suitable time for you to collect your property.
I have lost my bus pass? Contact a member of staff at Reception during break or lunch time to pick up an application form for a new bus pass – application forms are only available from county hall however staff at reception can issue a temporary pass.
What to do if I need to use my mobile phone? You are NEVER allowed to use your mobile phone during lesson time. Your phone will be confiscated if you do so. You may only use your phone outside of the building during break or lunchtime.
I would like to stay after school to take part in an activity or a homework or revision session? If you live in the Shincliffe, Bowburn and Brandon areas, buses are available Monday to Thursday to take you home, leaving at 4.30 p.m. – after school buses are now only available on a Wednesday evening