Geography at DJCS

'Geography is the subject that holds the key to our future'

Michael Palin

Through the study of geography each pupil acquires special knowledge, skills and attitudes which will help them throughout their lives. Geography, more than most subjects, enables students to make sense of economic, political, social and environmental issues. It has a special role in fostering international understanding through teaching about different cultures and helps students to understand their environment and how human activity uses and misuses it.

Key Stage 3

Produce a case study about an NGO (charity) of your choice.





Introduction to Geography and Skills

Rivers and Flooding

Africa: a continent of contrasts

Cold Earth


Global Knowledge and Asia


Population and Urbanisation


Weather and Climate

Global Warming



Our Restless Planet

Russia and the Middle East

Rocks and Landscape


Living off Earth’s resources

Globalisation and China




GCSE Geography at Durham Johnston School

Year 11 classes are following the EDUQAS A specification.

Here is a link to the Eduqas website:

Year 10 Year 11
Distinctive landscapes in the UK Hazards
River landscapes Weather, climate and ecosystems
Coastal landscapes Development and Resource Issues
The rural-urban continuum Environmental Challenges
Population and urban change in the UK  


Component 1: Changing Physical and Human Landscapes

Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes

35% of qualification

84 marks

Component 2: Environmental and Development Issues

Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes

35% of qualification

Component 3: Applied Fieldwork Enquiry

Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes

30% of qualification

From September 2017 GCSE geography students will be following the AQA specification.  Here is the link: -

Year 10 Year 11
UK Landscapes; Rivers; Coasts Hazards
Urban Issues and Challenges Living World
Resource Management (energy) Economic World


Paper 1: Living with the physical environment

Written examination: 1hr 30 minutes

35% of the qualification

Paper 2: Challenges in the human environment

35% of the qualification

Paper 3: Geographical applications

30% of the qualification

A’ Level Geography at Durham Johnston School

We are following the new AQA specification.  Here is the link:

Summary of Content and Assessment

AS (Year12 A’ Level)

A’ Level


Carbon and Water Cycles

Contemporary Urban Environments


Changing Places

Global Systems and Governance

Skills, Stats and Fieldwork




Component 1: 90 minutes (50%)

Coasts and Urban

Component 1: 2hrs 30 minutes (40%)

Physical Geography

Component 2: 90 minutes (50%)

Changing Places and Fieldwork/Skills/ Stats

Component 2:  2 hrs 30 minutes (40%)

Human Geography


Component 3 (20%)

Fieldwork Investigation